String Quartet

By far the most beautiful and popular option for Weddings and similar functions that require a touch of class making any occasion truly memorable. This selection creates an atmosphere that brings elegance and will surely please any age group.

Jazz Ensembles

This ensemble specializes in playing all froms of music from jazz, latin and light popular standards from the 40's to our present day music. This musical group accompanies any event that requires that right amount of volume that can keep an audiences pleased and also allows easy speaking amongst your guests.

These ensembles are also prepared to deliver main stream performances including many original pieces and standards.

The jazz segment supplied by Alan Andai Music Entertainment allows the client to create his own ensemble a la carte beginning with a jazz trio. A client can than add any additional instruments creating the exact ensemble he or she desires. A selection of optional musical instruments include: singer, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trombone and other requests.

Jazz band is an ensemble that performs without a conductor. Jazz ensembles consists of the rhythm section creating the foundation for a musician to perform creative solos that are usually thought of at the moment being played. Our jazz ensembles have become a favorite for any occasion bringing life to any party. These groups are also capable of playing latin, fusion and funk.

Flute Ensemble

The flute ensemble is a group of wind players usually composed of flute, clarinet, oboe and/or bassoon. The blend of different instruments in a wind ensemble use their own technique and timbre. These groups are perfect for small ensemble settings that would like to add a touch of class in a distinct manner. The versitality of music ranges from the classics to more popular music.

Harp Ensemble

Imagine a beach side wedding or a nice cocktail hour in your country club having the mood set by a harpist playing one of the most beautiful instruments. A very popular choice is to combine a harpist with a flute, singer or violin.

Solo Instruments

A solo musician is very convenient for venues that have limited space or to set an intimate mood.