Mariachi portrays a group of musicians dressed in charro suits (specific clothing) which demonstrate the essence of Mexico and their musical culture. While listening to this style of music, it not only pleases the ear, but also the eye as it is a cultural, spiritual and traditional experience. A majority of the songs speak of machismo, love, betrayal and animals. The Mariachi originated in the South section of Jalicso mainly used for weddings, but today Mariachi can be used for any occasion.

A true crowd pleaser for any party that is looking to give it a Mexican flavor. This group has a minimum of 3 musicians and can expand according to the clients needs.

Columbian Folklore

Colombian music is a combination of African, Indigenous and Spanish influences mixed with modern American and Caribbean musical forms. The national music of Colombia is narrowed in two forms, the vallenato and cumbia. Cumbia is a mixture of Spanish and African styles, which was said to be brought by slaves. The music of Colombia is meant to be danced from the poems and stories of their history. In these groups the musicians will include singers, tiple, a requinto and guitar. New styles arose as more ethnic groups began to mix creating musical styles of bambuco and porro. A similar style of the waltz became popular in the 19th century of Colombia called pasillo. The most popular Latin stars including Mana, Shakira, Charlie Zaa and Joe Arroyo made this style very popular.

Salsa Band

If you are looking to bring spice to your next party or occasion, hiring a live latin band may be the answer. Salsa Music is a mixture of Afro-Carribean and Latin rhythms that is mostly given credit from Cuba and Puerto Rico. One of the largest pioneers of the famous Salsa was Tito Puentes who created a demand in the streets of New York and Miami. These musical ensembles will bring the "sauce" (translation of salsa) to your event creating a dancing vibe to the styles of the mambo, merengue, chachacha and tango. Also available are salsa dancers as a part of the performance upon request. This is a great way to get all your guests onto the dance floor.

Disc Jockey

Alan Andai Music Entertainment caters to every style in booking the latest DJ's who are playing in the hottest clubs around South Florida. Music including Hip/Hop, Latin, Pop, Oldies and Disco can be available at request.

Pop/Rock Ensemble

If you are looking to thrill and entertain audiences with high energy and fun music, the rock ensemble might be the answer you are looking for. These groups are trained to provide a concert experience for all ages and talents. These groups are mainly used for parties and concerts. All styles from Hard Rock, Pop and R&B can be accesible from a variety of groups that are offered.

Singing Telegram

A popular option is the singing telegram. This segment works wonderful at office parties or a surprise for a special someone.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Band

The Bar Mitzvah Band is designed to supply music for the service. This ensemble is comprised of an acoustic bass, drummer, piano, violin and/or clarinet. They follow along with the music service and play Niguns (a wordless song that is played in a very fast tempo for times of celebration) This group also provides the party music for the after-party performing Jewish Horas to sing and dance to.